SCOUT Uptown Girl Zippered Tote Bag: Queen Bee or Picasso Pink

$ 36.00

SCOUT's Uptown Girl is a medium-sized multi-pocketed zippered tote bag that is for most any need you have; from travel, camp, shopping, or even a diaper bag. It is water resistant, has reinforced handles, a heavy duty reinforced bottom, and is easy to wipe clean. There are four exterior pockets and the top can be left open or zipped closed. It folds flat for easy storage, too. 
It measures 16" wide x 12" high x 5.5" deep. Choose from Picasso Pink or Queen Bee.
 It is made of an all-weather woven fabric, that although is most commonly used in tarps, it has all the qualities necessary for those who put function first, making it lightweight, yet, durable.
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