Simply Southern Virginia State Tee Shirt: God Made, Jesus Saved, Virginia Raised

$ 16.99

Simply Southern's new Virginia state tee shirt features pink elephants and a green bow. Originally being from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, I LOVE the fact that they show the Eastern Shore, as many state icons leave us off the map.  : (

We also love the words written on the shirt, "God made, Jesus saved, Virginia raised". The front of the shirt has the Simply Southern logo with "Raised in the South", and a flag with the Southern US map and a flag with a bow.

Simply Southern shirts are unisex cut and sizes are below:
Adult Small - Womens 6-8
Adult Medium - Womens 10-12
Adult Large - Womens 14-16
Adult Xlarge - Womens 18-20
Adult XXL - Womens 22-24

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