14/20 Gold Filled Hand Woven Mesh Bracelet with Ancient Roman Glass

$ 195.00

Oh my gosh! We love ancient Roman glass jewelry, and the setting for this piece of Roman glass is stunning! The 1.25" circle is made from an ancient glass shard found in archaeological sites in Israel, and is hand woven into a 14/20 Gold Filled wire mesh. The bracelet measures 7.25" and has a slide tube magnetic clasp.
Your bracelet will come in a gift box, with a certificate of authenticity, explaining the history of the glass.
We carry quite a few pieces of Roman Glass jewelry, so type Roman Glass in the search bar to see what's available.
Ancient Roman Glass jewelry is made from 2,000 year old Roman Glass . During this time in history, the Roman Empire started a new glass blowing technique that was used to make a variety of glassware.

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