14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Honeycomb & Bee Flexible Cuff Bracelet

$ 38.99

What a whimsical, stylish and trendy bracelet! Made of 14K gold plated sterling silver, this hollow and flexible tube cuff bracelet features a honey bee that measures almost 3/4" across, whose wings are covered with beautiful Signity cubic zirconia crystals. The other end of the cuff features a honeycomb that is also loaded with Signity crystals, and measures about .31". We also carry a honeybee necklace, too. Just type "Bee" in the search bar to see what's available.
Signity is a company known for making cubic zirconia crystals with the best refractive index and clarity possible; making them the finest simulated diamond your money can buy. Signity cubic zirconia stones are cut in perfect proportion to create a dazzling sparkle, diamond-like brilliance, and flashes of white-hot-fire. You will LOVE the way the light reflects off of them.

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