Hand Knotted Cultured Freshwater Peacock Pearl & 14K White Gold Necklace

$ 249.99

Words can't begin to describe the beautiful colors that are in each 9 to 10mm cultured freshwater peacock pearl. The 16" hand knotted necklace features 9mm - 10mm cultured freshwater peacock pearls and a 14 karat white gold filigree clasp. It will come in a gift pouch. We also sell the earrings, too.
PLEASE NOTE: This is only for the necklace. We added the extra photo to give you a different photo of the necklace and to show you the earrings that are sold separately, as well as in a set, to save you a bit of money.

The very name itself – Peacock Pearls – conjures up an image of an iridescent, beautiful gem with a myriad of shimmering colors, such that you would see in a peacock's feathers.

A peacock pearl describes one of the most valued and sought after colors of a type of saltwater pearl called the Tahitian pearl, which are cultured in French Polynesia in the black-lipped oyster. The dark body color of the Tahitian pearl comes from the pigments and trace elements in the water that the oyster lives in.

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