Hand Woven 14K Gold Filled Ancient Israel Roman Glass Necklace

$ 129.00

We love, love, LOVE Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry, and this necklace is a beautiful example. Hanging from an 18" 14/20 gold filled cable chain is an .5" x .70" oval piece of ancient Roman Glass in the center of a hand woven gold filled woven setting.
Your necklace will come with a certificate of authenticity, explaining the history of the glass.
We carry quite a few pieces of Roman Glass jewelry, so type Roman Glass in the search bar to see what's available.
Ancient Roman Glass jewelry is made from 2,000 year old Roman Glass . During this time in history, the Roman Empire started a new glass blowing technique that was used to make a variety of glassware.
We are unable to ship this necklace out of the US.

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