Mud Pie 15" Burlap Pillow: To Use With Wraps or Alone

$ 13.99

This two sided burlap pillow by Mud Pie can be used alone or with one of our Mud Pie Burlap Pillow Wraps. These will look really pretty with festive seasonal wire ribbon to make these look like cute gift packages, too! It measures 15" and has a polyfill interior.
You can have your pillow dressed with one of our wraps, if you are interested. Just type in burlap in the search bar to see our selections, a few of which you can in the photos. (This is for the plain burlap pillow only.) 
Throughout the year, we will be adding a variety of seasonal pillow wraps, so once you get your pillow, you can exchange the wrap for a completely different look!

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