Personalized Halloween Burlap Tote Bags

$ 18.99

Perfect for fall, Viv & Lou's Burlap Halloween Tote Buckets will hold all the Trick or Treat Candy you can carry!
These burlap totes measure 14" L x 6" W x 8" H and feature polyester trim, and an interior lining.
You can choose to have a spooky word, your name, single initial, Boy's initials (all the same size and in the order of his name) or a girl's monogram (with her last name initial in the center and larger position) embroidered on these. 

If you are going for whimsical in your font, I would select either the Party Time or the Tipsy. These are more festive for the season. Of course, you can choose whichever font you would like!
You can choose to have a name, word, single initial, girl's monogram (where the last name goes in the center and larger position), boy's initials (where they are all the same size in the order of his name) or no personalization at all.
Please allow about 4 business days for your item to be in the mail. To ensure delivery for Halloween, order a good 8 business days prior to Halloween.

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