Personalized HUGE Navy Striped Ultimate Beach Tote

$ 28.99

We LOVE how huge and roomy The Ultimate Tote is, and it now comes in Viv & Lou's Tidelines pattern that features a refreshing spin on the classic stripes, with a hand-drawn pattern inspired by the subtle waves of the incoming tides and the shapes they make in the sand.
Tidelines is comprised of bright white and a rich navy color.
The tote measures 21" x 11." x 13.5" tall, not including the handles, and features 6 roomy interior pockets, one zippered interior pocket, and an easy to wipe clean interior. The long handles make it easy to throw over your shoulders to carry.
You can choose to have your item(s) personalized or not. You tote will be embroidered in the center of one side, if you select personalization.
We also carry these in patterns, too, so type "Ultimate Tote" in the search bar to see what's available. We also carry quite a few accessories in this pattern, that you can see in the group photo. Just type "Tidelines" in the search bar to see the full line.

You can choose to have a Single Initial, Monogram, or one or two lines of Words or a Name (Text), or have no personalization at all. Only type in the windows that pertain to your embroidery selection. For example, if you want a name, don't type anything in the monogram or single initial windows, and if you don't want any personalization at all, don't type anything in the windows.

If choosing text, you can choose one or two lines, with up to 12 characters per line. Please keep in mind that the more letters you choose, the smaller the letters will be. Be sure to type capital letters where you want them; MARY vs Mary.

The Party Time and Tipsy are more whimsical fonts, and the letters appear a bit askew. Although these are fun fonts, if you are looking for something more traditional, I would choose a different one. The Etiquette font looks nicer if only the first letter in a name or word is capitalized.


It is so very important that you please double check your spelling and every detail about what you are giving us to have embroidered, as we can only do returns on defective items and not on items once they are personalized.

Let us know if you have any questions at all, as we are here to help!



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