Retro Style Valentine's Day Card Dummy Board

$ 8.99

Just like the Valentine's Day cards we use to give and receive "back in the day", Bethany Lowe's retro style dummy boards will give you that nostalgic feeling of simpler days. Choose from the airplane which has written, "You rate sky high with me.", the cowboy that has written, "Getty-up Valentine. You've taken my heart for a ride.",  the children with, "My Valentine! I'm heels over head in love with you.", and the girl with, "A Valentine to say Hi!".

They measure approximately 5.25" x 4.5" and are made of retro images on MDF, sprinkled with glitter.
We do offer combined shipping if you would like more than one. You will be reimbursed the extra you paid in postage once they are packaged up.

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