Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Criss Cross "X" Ring w CZs

$ 29.99

 What a pretty ring! This rhodium plated criss cross 'X' ring features clear, sparkly, signity CZ crystals. The ring measures approximately 20mm, or about .79". The signity CZs embellish the top of the ring, and the back is polished silver.

Made of 925 sterling silver, this ring is available in whole sizes from 5 to 9.

Signity is a company known for making cubic zirconia crystals with the best refractive index and clarity possible; making them the finest simulated diamond your money can buy. Signity cubic zirconia stones are cut in perfect proportion to create a dazzling sparkle, diamond-like brilliance, and flashes of white-hot-fire. You will LOVE the way the light reflects off of them.

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