SCOUT Packin Heat Cosmetic Makeup Bag: Fangirl

$ 21.00

House all your makeup or travel accessories in one place with SCOUT's Packin' Heat cosmetic bag. There's an interior pocket for smaller things, like bobby pins and hair ties. The makeup bag is large enough to fit your hair brush inside, too.
Another perfect use for the Packin Heat bag is for a day on the water keep your sunscreen from getting other things inside your beach bag sticky, or to protect your phone and other items from getting wet with an unexpected rogue wave...which we all have experienced.
This pattern is called, "Fangirl".
 It measures 9.5" x 3.5" x 8.5".

Soft to touch, the material is 100% cotton and to ensure durability and water resistance, is finished with a light coating.

We also carry other SCOUT pieces, so just type "SCOUT" into the search bar to see what's available.

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