Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry Champagne Bottle Necklace

$ 44.00

Yay you! Our celebration necklace is a champagne toast to you and your awesomeness that never ends. Two pieces of champagne bottle glass float and clink softly on your choice of a sterling silver or gold filled 18 inch chain. This necklace come with its own box that starts the celebration before the recipient even knows what's inside. Patented. Glass pieces approximately 1 inch by 1 inch. 
All Smart Glass Jewelry purchases come beautifully boxed with an artist card, handcrafted and recycled story, and bottle key card included.
Please expect some slight variation as each piece is individually crafted by Kathleen.
We will be adding more pieces from this awesome jewelry company. To see what's available, type Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry in the search bar. Be sure to keep checking back for more items.
Here are some words from the artist, Kathleen Plate:
Creating art from empty bottles is the ultimate alchemy and way to combine my love of ecology with my love of art , fashion, and architecture. I love finding beauty in the unexpected, and breaking what others' call "rules." This led me to combine processes from different mediums (glass, ceramics, stone work) and develop a new material derived from recycled glass bottles that I was able to patent and use as the building blocks of jewelry designs. The entire process, from dumpster diving for empties to styling the perfect piece of jewelry for a night out on the town is part of my art. I like to create things that are easy to wear, simple and beautiful, and when people realize I made their jewelry from empty beer bottles, or sake bottles, or Coca-Cola bottles, they can't believe it. I love keeping a bottle in its original shape, color, and size, yet transforming it so radically people are stunned by its beauty. Everything is made by hand in my Atlanta, GA studio (yes it looks like a frat party blew up in my studio with empty bottles everywhere), and no I do not drink them all myself. We collect bottles from local bars, restaurants, friends, and dumpsters to make your beautiful Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry.

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